Join Us For A New Magic Convention in 2017!


It was great to see how the artists all worked so well together when lectures were on and their honest and open feedback to questions was fantastic. Not many other magic conventions allow for such easy and open access to the artists.

David Hutchinson  


I am just writing to say THANK YOU … What an amazing 3 days we had! The lecturers were very giving, and would share with us anything we asked of them. As for the final show … It is one of the best shows we have EVER seen!  I have been a fan of Jeff Hobson since I saw him in St Louis on your wonderfully organized, memorable trip. For me, he is the most hilarious comedy magician I have ever seen. I cannot single out any of the other acts on the bill because they were all outstanding! The hotel was exactly as you said it would be … great.  

Paul Ray  


I just felt that I had to write and say what a thoroughly great time I had in Liverpool. The two full day sessions were brilliant, I feel I have learnt so much from the MASTERS whom we had the privilege of spending time with and listening to. And the Gala Show …what a show! I would go as far as to say it was one of the best, if not THE best variety Gala Show I have ever seen. To have on stage such a varied and fantastic cast is a true testament to you and the efforts you have put in to running such an event. I do hope you run another in the UK because you can put down my name already!

Alan Mylecraine  


We had a fantastic time at the Convention. What stands it apart from all other Conventions is the intimacy of the event and the access to all the performers. And of course it goes without saying that the professionalism and quality of the lectures and Gala Show is unmatched. Thanks for another great few days.

Nick Barnes  


Thanks for a truly wonderful few days in Liverpool. It was terrific.

Leslie Melville  


Just to say thanks for a great convention. At first I wasn’t sure if I wanted to attend thinking it couldn’t possibly come up to the same standard as 2012 at the Gold Coast in Las Vegas. In fact it turned out to be more personal with great magic and advice. I must say that I was also impressed with Liverpool, I haven’t been for a long time and it has changed beyond all recognition!

Rodger Ball  


You really must be congratulated on a simply wonderful convention. It was indeed different and the artists you had were absolutely first class. You organised it fantastically and there was never any rush to get to the next presentation. Your choice of venue and hotel were also both great. Don’t let it be your last convention! Thank you so much.

Tim Dill-Russell

We would like to reflect on your incredible organizational skills and the Tribute to us at the London Palladium. It was a grand, grand affair with memories and emotions to last a lifetime. We both salute you as a Producer and you are truly a Showman yourself, to be able to weave such a seamless tapestry of talent together. If ever we would be in need of a Producer, you would be IT!

Your Hospitality is second to none.

Thank you. 

Siegfried & Roy